Start Your Planetary Community

Download your 22 Steps to Start a ChAMber of Consciousness PDF.


Let Leah assist you in the attracting and establishing of your community of fifth-dimensional Soul-aware beings.

ChAMbers of consciousness are assemblage points of experimentation within a cohesive New Paradigm 5D frequency.

It is time for Us to come together and….. remember…..

Our Human sovereignty, for facilitating Our next paradigm of planetary peace.

Invite Leah to your group:  [email protected]

2 Books by Leah LaChapelle on building planetary community:
Fictional teaching novel

Soul Shade-REVEALING the New Human Archetype:

For learning how to naturally attract 5D community on your evolutionary path.  Time is of the essence as A.I., 5G, and the hierarchical dark agenda vies for Our Soul energy in the blocking of Our evolution. 

$14.99 soft cover on Amazon; also on Kindle

Non-fiction companion guidebook to Soul Shade:
ChAMbers of Consciousness:

A manual for facilitating 5D group experiences
$7 soft cover on Amazon; also on Kindle