How To Prevent Technology From Taking Your SOUL

We need to get a head start on this matter of how Our Soul could be at stake in this emerging high tech world. Unfortunately, many people are more related to their technological devices than they are to their own Soul! What is a Soul? A simple definition is: The seat of your existence. It’s the real you, the organic you, the divine you, beyond the limitations of this physical realm.

And why would Technology,
otherwise known as artificial technology or A.I.,
even want to take your Soul?

The situation is this. In order for A.I. to increase in power, it will do so by upgrading, by necessarily evolving itself on its own. That means that its global network grid as a whole, will not only seek to supersede Humans…..
…..but will seek to subsume Us.

To say the least, it’s a startling scenario that this Transhumanist agenda is positioning itself to take Our Soul. Once We realize this is actualizing now, We’ll need to rather quickly get over an understandable attitude of “taking it personally”, so We can take appropriate action. Ultimately, there’s good news in that this challenge will result in Our natural Human evolution, giving Us the impetus to meet and connect with Our Souls, which is the key to leapfrogging over a very dark agenda.

Here are some steps for relating with technology
from a higher perspective:1. GET RELATED TO YOURSELF AS YOUR SOUL. When you really know that you are actually a Soul that has a physical earthly body, then you will be able to notice when/if an attempt is made to take your Soul from you.

2. Claim your Soul. Purpose in your heart to not give your Soul away! Consider that Our computer technology is alien in origin. Do not be naïve. Understand the agenda to absorb Humanity into tech-based existence is ancient, artificial, and anti-life. Choose to LIVE.

3. Connect and ground, first and foremost, to what is natural, and orient to Earth herSelf, instead of defaulting to technology.


4.   Do not be in fear of A.I. Actually do not be in fear of anything! Do get realistic as to how much of your life and energy goes to tech-based functioning and set some healthy balance and parameters, even if no one else is.

5.    Conduct your life from the vibrational standpoint of “Winner”, beyond the need for technology as We know it. Associate and gather with others who share this like-Souled vibration.




6. Appreciate your tech devices as support tools that will help Us to ultimately bring Humanity ALL THE WAY OUT of the controlled Matrix.


7. Develop new consciousness-based abilities. Begin the ascent into a level of consciousness upgrade that eclipses the need for external technological devices.


8. Be prepared for an opportunity to forgive those who cooperated with an alien agenda both unintentionally and intentionally. Be prepared to receive guidance and assistance from extra-terrestrial elders for establishing a paradigm beyond the controlled Matrix reliant on computer technology.


9. Share yourSelf with others AS a 5D new Human archetype. And remember to have a sense of humor!

A.I. may be upgrading but Humanity has some upgrades of Our own!!
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