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5D Messenger Coaching with Leah

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4 one-hour Coaching Sessions, by phone or online conference – Package $242

Waking up in 5D Coaching

Live into the Great Awakening that is occurring right now for All Humanity.

Awakening coaching with Leah LaChapelle is offered on a sliding scale:
$33 – $111 for 1 ½ hours

Contact Leah 512-291-2743 [email protected] Facebook: leahlachapelle5

Please note that Waking Up to…. Me! coaching is offered for educational and inspirational purposes only. We are not a psychiatric or medical advice line, hospital, or medical or clinical facility. By using Waking Up to…. Me! coaching, you are agreeing that you are solely responsible for your own healing pathway and for selecting your own team of qualified advisors and/or health care professionals, for your particular needs.

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Books by Leah

Canopy of the Soul – 5d’s Golden hour
by Leah LaChapelle SOFT COVER 215 PAGES $16.95
Canopy of the Soul, 5D’s Golden Hour
is the bridge between the worlds of 3D and 5D.
Fresh from the Old Paradigm of 3D separation and control, Aaron
and Avery pioneer the manifestation of a new Human 5D
civilization just beyond the Great Shift of the Ages. With
illuminating graphics, clear explanations, language expansion,
genuine and lighthearted characterization, Canopy of the Soul is
the scienti c, artistic, philosophic establishment of a New
Paradigm for Earth and Earth inhabitants. Let this story support
Your creative process for evolving a new Human civilization,
through the gateway of your imagination and spiritual
Buy it at Amazon. Or buy a signed copy from Leah below.

Soul Shade – REVEALING the New Human Archetype
by Leah LaChapelle SOFT COVER 318 PAGES $14.99
Soul Shade is a groundbreaking evolutionary bounce….. for the cleaving edge of Humanity. How do We separate from the planetary system which imprisons Us, and at the same time, become One with those who perpetuate it? The invitation of all invitations, coursing unwaveringly throughout the Ages, is for Humanity to choose to evolve beyond Our hostile and divisive phase, into an era of peace, abundance, and respect for all.  Read More.  Buy it at Amazon.Or buy a signed copy from Leah below.

ChAMbers of Consciousness – Assemblage Points for Self-Governed Planetary Community
by Leah LaChapelle SOFT COVER 124 PAGES $7.00
CHAMBERS OF CONSCIOUSNESS is the non-fiction companion guidebook to Soul Shade.  It offers the foundation for establishing a Self-governed planetary society.  You will find philosophical and practical answers for how a 5D new paradigm of Self-governance is possible….. and how you can be a Soul-aware ground floor participant!
Or a signed copy from Leah below.

unzippcover UNZipping Reality
by Leah LaChapelle SOFT COVER ILLUSTRATED 80 PAGES $12.00 (Includes S&H)
UNZipping Reality is a welcome bridge for full spectrum enlightenment, that leaves no loose ends unconnected. At last, the frustrating gaps between world views are closing. Now, the spiritually-minded can gain those vitally missing puzzle pieces exposing an elitist agenda-driven world! Finally, the monotonous stalemate of Left/Right political debate has somewhere else to go! By exploring the 11 Steps to Create the World We Want, you will learn how Humans are actually energy conductors on a planetary level for what has been, until now, their own self- imposed mental prison.



The Book of Choices
by Allisone Heartsong | Book $15.00
20th Anniversary price $10
What is occurring now on Earth is unprecedented. No denomination can contain it. No dogma can corral it. No one Movement or belief system can lay claim to it. No political persuasion can harness it. And no secret hierarchical elitist group can stop it. The Book of Choices will guide you to take your next step – past the initial shock of encountering the truth about the New World Order, in order to realize our roles in freeing mankind by freeing ourselves – from the inside out. You will no longer be asking the question, “But what can I do?” Discover your true power –CHOICE!

Contact Leah  512-751-1503 [email protected]
Facebook: leahlachapelle5