What is The Process? A sequence of choices that ultimately lead to spiritual wholeness. Anyone who makes this choice may come into alignment with the Source of their being.

TRUSTING THE PROCESS IS…..surrendering to Spirit, in the flow of divine love, apart from fear, no matter what appears to    be happening around you.

KNOWING THE PROCESS IS…..allowing divine love to flow through You, so that the drama of your life is transformed into pure delight – and fulfillment, in this galactic world of adventure.

BEING THE PROCESS IS…..discovering transcendent power within, for loving yourSelf free from your own limitations and attachments, while embracing Our planetary peace-making mission, so that you experience a vibrational upgrade in your Presence.

DOING THE PROCESS IS…..revealing and demonstrating a new Human archetype that engages society, so that a sufficient percentage, within Our species, is activated to liberate Our planet from domination,   separation, and victimization, into Self governance.

To experience this natural and glorious Process….. within the prescribed time….. as One conscious planet it will take more than vibratory “beingness” alone, and it will require more than focused activist “doingness”. (See article: “The New Paradigm APP is Here!”)

The transformation of Our planet and evolution of Our species compels Us to “Become”.

BEing + DOing = BECOMING

What are We becoming?????

clndanceWe are becoming REAL. We are becoming fully alive. We are becoming a new life form. We are metamorphosing beyond the 3rd dimensional thought construct of what We have perceived as real, but wasn’t (the illusion). We are becoming Self responsible 5thdimensionals who have graduated from the need for hierarchy, into claimed Soul embodiment.  We are Humans Becoming – and We are here to liberate Our planet and Our species from domination, separation, and victimization, by revealing and demonstrating freedom in a new plane of Self determined reality. By claiming and retaining Our Soul on a 5th dimensional frequency, regardless of the situation, We come together interdependently, and give birth to Our healthy new planetary/galactic alignment.  Then new adventures begin…..!

Trust, Know, Be, Do the Process!

Are you 5D Recognizable?
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