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unzippcover UNZipping Reality
by Leah LaChapelle SOFT COVER ILLUSTRATED 80 PAGES $12.00
UNZipping Reality is a welcome bridge for full spectrum enlightenment, that leaves no loose ends unconnected. At last, the frustrating gaps between world views are closing. Now, the spiritually-minded can gain those vitally missing puzzle pieces exposing an elitist agenda-driven world! Finally, the monotonous stalemate of Left/Right political debate has somewhere else to go! By exploring the 11 Steps to Create the World We Want, you will learn how Humans are actually energy conductors on a planetary level for what has been, until now, their own self- imposed mental prison.

choicesallisone150 The Book of Choices
by Allisone Heartsong  |  Book $15.00
What is occurring now on Earth is unprecedented. No denomination can contain it. No dogma can corral it. No one Movement or belief system can lay claim to it. No political persuasion can harness it. And no secret hierarchical elitist group can stop it. The Book of Choices will guide you to take your next step – past the initial shock of encountering the truth about the New World Order, in order to realize our roles in freeing mankind by freeing ourselves – from the inside out. You will no longer be asking the question, “But what can I do?” Discover your true power –CHOICE!

uncsense2 Uncommon Sense – Your Choice:The Blue Pill or the Red Pill?
by George Humphrey | Booklet $3.50
Uncommon Sense goes deeply into the cultural issues that affect us directly, describing many of the Machiavellian methods the Elite use to create fear. Will we live in that fear or in conscious love? George Humphrey powerfully provides 55 positive suggestions as to what we can actually do to protect our Republic and be moved to a new level spiritually.

9/11: The Great Illusion – End Game of the Illuminati
by George Humphrey  | Booklet $4.50
George Humphrey provides objective and factual information while asking relevant questions concerning events which took place on September 11.  This 5th Year Anniversary edition gives a clear summary of the occurrences of 9/11 uncovering “The Great Illusion” presented by the predominant media.  An invaluable tool to use at a grass roots level.  Starting with ourselves, we can restore sanity and justice, one person at a time. 

new_paradigm-s Handbook for the New Paradigm
by Bridger House Publications  Book $7.00
This book is the first of a series. It intends to lift mankind from the entrapment of the victim consciousness that keeps the level of experience ensnared in fear and frustration. Humanity was intended to live, not in luxury, but in abundance. The information found between its covers will lead all that read and reread with an open mind to the discovery to the truth of who and what they truly are. The end of the search for these answers is provided at last.

embrace-rnbow  Embracing the Rainbow
by Bridger House Publications  |  Book $7.00
This book is second of the series after Handbook for the New Paradigm. It contains messages which broaden the conceptual understandings of the necessity to release the limitations that have been thrust upon humanity preventing them from understanding who and what they truly are. It contains surprising truths of some of the shocking deceptions intentionally taught that limit and separate mankind from their opportunities for spiritual evolvement. It defines how it is possible to take back the heritage of self-determination, freely create ones own destiny and heal the planet and humanity as a whole living entity through the suggested dynamic process.

becoming Becoming
by Bridger House Publications | Book $7.00
This is the third book after Handbook for the New Paradigm and Embracing the Rainbow. Mankind stands at the threshold, the decision point of whether to accept what it is being told for its highest and best good or to instead shrug off the programmed suggestions and choose for itself a future that is in total contrast. At the heart of the matter is the opportunity to choose cooperation rather than competition, brotherly love and assistance rather than hate and violence. Individuals making the choice to pursue a new course of thought will lead the way to different interaction with each other and will in time create a new paradigm of human experience.