Awakening Coaching

What is Awakening?

Awakening is choosing to emerge from the illusory drama of life through the profound realization of who I really am, in the process of the First Awakening (geo-political), Second Awakening (new thought consciousness), and beyond….!

Our life on Earth is designed to resist waking up from the illusion!

This coaching session would greatly benefit you if you:
….. don’t like how a certain area(s) of your life is going and would like that to change. You feel “stuck” in relationships/ finances/ health/ career/ life balance.

….. would like to be effective in eliminating the oppressive, enslaving nature of the world, but      feel discouraged/ angry/ frustrated/ helpless.

….. feel fearful. Waking up to “who I really am” is pretty scary. Staying the same is pretty scary.

….. don’t know what you want, and feel confused about what you want and whether you have a  purpose.

….. would really like to be happier and more loving but feel overwhelmed and powerless. You’ve  been wondering whether it’s always going to be like this and maybe this is just the way it is.

….. want to create the next step in your life and have little or no idea how to manifest it.

Tarot Card readings and Dreamwork on your behalf
are a part of Leah’s powerful sessions.
Each session has a detailed written follow up.

Awakening coaching will let you see
               where you’ve been hitting the snooze alarm
                                   instead of waking up to who you really are.

What shadowy resistance is keeping you from your heart’s desire?  Let’s find out !

  • Have a completely confidential conversation about my concern(s) and be listened to and heard
  • Get clarity on the reality of my mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual experience
  • Receive guidance on closing the gap between my current experience and what I desire in life
  • Awaken to a new context of renewed energy and self empowerment
  • Be an integral part of the Great Awakening of Humanity

 Awakening coaching?
•    Establishing empowering ways of speaking and listening that make a difference
•    Alleviating the “drain of drama”
•    Understanding the role of my mind chatter
•    Discovering what I really want (this might surprise you!)
•    Transcending fear
•    Becoming aware of the First Awakening, the Second Awakening,
and the Third Awakening
•    Learning how to live and thrive in a vibrational universe
•    Finding the next step for my life
•    Creating the life I want through Waking Up to Who I Really Am

It’s not about making a few improvements.

It’s about a whole new life and operating on a higher frequency in 5th dimensional awareness.

Live into the Great Awakening that is occurring right now for all Humanity.

Awakening coaching with Leah LaChapelle is offered on a sliding scale:
$33 – $111 for 1 ½ hours

Contact Leah 512-291-2743 Facebook: leahlachapelle5

Sliding Scale